The curriculum is the same as the importance of the skeleton to your body. It provides a structure for students to learn what they are expected to learn at the end of the day. Is it necessary for a teacher to understand the curriculum? If you don't follow the system, the students may not realize what they need to achieve in that class until they promote to next grade.
Keeping the importance of curriculum in mind, how can you develop an efficient curriculum?

Consider the future potential

Most critical element while developing curriculum should focus on what skills students need to learn instead of what you need to teach. The curriculum planner should consider the impact of course over all facets of society to meet the general objectives of education. What will happen if it doesn’t meet the social goals? The answer is simple, such a curriculum will be outdated in no time.

Analyse the market opportunity

With technological evolution, the curriculum must be revised to meet the requirements of the workforce and keep pace. Sadly, most of the curriculum is not tailored to meet the skills needed for the workforce. Teaching a curriculum with no relevance to the future is futile.

Key principles of curriculum design

Various principles of curriculum design must be put in place to achieve educational objectives. Curriculum planners should consider the following when developing a new curriculum.

  • Vertically integrated: previous knowledge to link the new material
  • Demanding: Subject should meet what future demands
  • Balanced: curriculum should align with knowledge and skillset in workforce perspective
  • Developmental psychology: Syllabus should match with the knowledge and maturity of the target audience
  • Focused: Emphasis on the key concept within a subject
  • Relevant:Syllabus outcome should be application-oriented.
  • Time allocation: Syllabus should be able to cover within the time limit

Role of the curriculum in effective teaching

How can the curriculum have an impact on teaching? The curriculum provides teachers with a measurable plan and structure for the delivery of quality education.

      Acts as a road map for academic success.
  • Guide teachers what skills must be taught at each grade level.
  • Helps to align the learning objectives with the curriculum.
    • It is therefore extremely important and effective for a Teacher to learn a curriculum.