Chapter Principal Association

AAOTT chapters are groups of AAOTT members. Each chapter is led by a representative leader appointed by the AAOTT Global Council. Each chapter leader is responsible to coordinate the activities of the chapter, invite local interested members to participate in the AAOTT Country Chapter and to provide feedback and guidance to AAOTT headquarters regarding local members needs and interests.
AAOTT representatives are organizations with an interest in advancing the teaching and training profession within their respective geography. They are appointed by the AAOTT to promote the programs of AAOTT including training and certification.
Individuals and organizations wishing to become a member of an AAOTT Chapter must first join the AAOTT through the Membership sign-up form.

Chapter Actions

Each chapter should organize its activities based upon local conditions. AAOTT makes available to AAOTT chapters a dedicated section in its social collaboration platform AAOTT Connections to facilitate exchanges and announcements among country chapter members. Chapter actions may include but not be limited to the following:

  • Maintaining a Chapter web page on the AAOTT web site listing local activities
  • Organizing at least three meetings annually for AAOTT members and prospective members to share common interests and experiences
  • Speaking on behalf of AAOTT at local and national events
  • Providing information to prospective members interested in joining AAOTT
  • Advising AAOTT management on the organization and promotion of AAOTT activities including training and certification exams in-country
  • Chapters Mission

    AAOTT chapters mission is to promote and improve the teaching and training profession globally through their respective jurisdictions by conducting events, promoting membership and the AAOTT training and certification programs.

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