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Through the membership network you can join an existing discussion or even start your own. You can also blog, upload resources to libraries and join some of our committees.

The Value of AAOTT Membership

Whether you are an expert or just starting this journey, join professionals from around the world who share a common goal improve the value of teaching and training. Our membership consists of individuals and educational institutions. We are a community of existing, developing and aspiring teachers and trainers.

  • INDIVIDUAL MEMBER - All the learners of the AAOTT program will be a member, on successful completion and certification of the program.

  • ASSOCIATE MEMBER - A Member with a minimum of two years of relevant teaching or training experience.

  • HONORARY MEMBER – They are recognized for their work and service to the teacher and trainer community.

  • INSTITUTIONAL MEMBER - Consist of any organization / educational institute in the private, public or joint sector, engaged in teaching and training.

Membership Benefits

  • Journal of the American Association of Teachers and Trainers.
  • Quarterly newsletter of the American Association of Teachers and Trainers.
  • Professional development opportunities through webinars and other learning development modules.
  • Leadership opportunities as an AAOTT Member.
  • Opportunity to participate in International events.
  • Networking

    All members will receive the benefit of networking. As an AAOTT member, you will meet people with mutual interests and concerns from around the world. You will develop lasting relationships and new contacts, and you will create partnerships and tap into influencers within other regions. AAOTT membership provides multiple avenues for networking. One of these is AAOTT Connections. Here, you can engage in our private, secure online community with stimulating and inspiring conversation and blogs. Mentor others in areas of your expertise or seek coaching and advice from those with more experience. Finally, you will also find networking opportunities while attending in-person and online meetings, as well as conferences.

    Membership Orientation Sessions

    AAOTT offers Membership Orientation sessions to new members, or to established members who would like an update on all their member benefits. Meetings will be accessible once-a-month. Assemblies are 30 minutes long with a non-compulsory extra 15 minutes to answer any member questions. Subjects covered include: overview of benefits, webinars, networking, connection’s platform, certification, volunteering opportunities and initiatives.

    Sign up for a Session
  • Membership must be paid in full and current to receive benefits.

  • AAOTT reserves the right to change membership benefits at their discretion.

  • Student memberships are limited to those enrolled in accredited programs. Proof of student status may be requested.

  • Claim Badges

    As an AAOTT member and key supporter, we want to provide you with your member Badge to show your pride. Whether you are an individual member, associate member, honorary member, institutional member these badges are reserved for active members in good standing.
    If you are an AAOTT member, please login, once you are logged in you will be able to access your membership badge based on your membership type. If you are not a member join AAOTT today.

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