In this 21st century, digitalization removes the limits of previous generations through technology. Education is no different from this! How it changes the view of education? Earlier, education was confined to the classroom and curriculum completion. Those classroom walls can no longer become a barrier for education due to the very nature of the technology itself!

The convenience, flexibility and practicality of online tutoring have gained popularity in recent years. As the internet helps connect people anywhere at any time today, everyone can be a learner at their own pace. It won't hold anybody off! However, there has been a steady decline in the conventional way of learning over the last few years. Is it because traditional education methods are lacking behind in meeting the social goals? To answer this question, we need to scrutinize the curriculum learning outcomes after years of learning with social goals. The answer will be a big “No” because the curriculum is not being frequently updated to meet the world’s requirement. It will be always useful if you learn the right skills at the right time

Benefits of Online Teaching

As a supplementary mode of education, online tutoring is having some benefits over traditional education.


The main advantage of online tutoring is the ease of accessing learning resources from the internet without restrictions. Teachers can teach students based on their capacity to grasp regardless of time. Students can also learn according to their convenience without bothering about attendance and fixed hour.


It is quite natural that under-performing students hesitate to ask questions or seek clarification when they feel intimated by the tutor's physical presence. This a generation where people are using a virtual platform to connect. As the majority of the students spend most of their time online, it is more convenient for them to interact with the teacher in a virtual platform without any hesitation.


Rising tuition fee in educational institutions is a major concern among the people with a limited financial resource for In-person tutoring. Sometimes accessibility of institution from the residence can also become an influential factor. At the same time, online courses are less expensive, more practical and up-to-date. When you have accessibility to knowledge at your doorstep, why you want to take a hard way.

4.No Pressure

The classroom is an environment with a mixed culture; the teacher cannot be biased because the main priority is the completion of the syllabus. Unfortunately, it's not good for those who are slow learners because, unlike creamy students, they're going to be lagging in the classroom. Such student’s performance will ultimately reflect on the subject teacher. The vast curriculum and limited time to cover the syllabus is always a pressure upon the teachers.


In this digital era, no one becomes a tortoise when the world is moving at a rapid pace. With the inventions of portable devices and high-speed internet connectivity makes online tutoring at the convenience of the student. Nowadays students prefer online tutoring over the brick and mortar classroom education as they receive one to one attention and focus.

6.Passive income

As many of the students are sitting in the class with a passive mind as they are lagging in the classrooms, the majority prefer to learn subjects through online platform. Doing some groundwork on the most demanding course and publish it online helps to make a passive income. In this way, you can utilise the electricity bills more productively.

“Think out of the box and create a learning experience where the learner can interact with the content and their brains.” - Rosalie Ledda Valdez